Yamunatheeram offers a one stop event solution for which all needs can be met. Meetings, training workshops and family functions large and small can be served with any kind of modern requirement that a group or organisation is seeking. These facilities are complimented with several levels of accommodations ranging from our comfortable spacious dormitories and fine luxury cottages to camping under the stars. All will be fulfilled at Yamunatheeram to complete satisfaction and perfection.




Yamunatheeram, located at Kanayi near Payyannur in North Malabar's Kannur District is a new multi-facility venue.

Yamunatheeram at Kanayi is located in the legendary land of Gods own banks of the Vannathi River. It is a place where every guest is certain to take home a renewed energy. As the grand stone architecture was built with commanding views over the pristine natural setting of Kanai, Yamunatheeram has an aura of the serenity, peace, foresight, concentration and rejuvenation that is imbued in this beautiful landscape. Such hard to find qualities are essential these days for hosting any successful endeavor in the current life climate of pressure and stress.

Other fine qualities etched into this landscape reflect creativity and vision and were marked over the years by the creative force of artists, writers and folkloric traditions found here. Kanayi has been home to many writers, performers and artists. The first ever short story writer in Malayalam fiction Kesari Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar, spun his stories from this very strip of landwhere Yamunatheeram situates.

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