The Arts, Culture and Landscape of North Malabar

North Malabar has a rich tapestry of art & culture with centuries old traditions, cults and rituals such as Theyyam and Thulunadan Kalari.

Theyyam is the most outstanding ritualistic performing art form in the region and can be witnessed during the six month long season that occurs before the onset of the monsoon.Theyyams, otherwise compared to elaborately decorated shamans, dance through the night and bless the believers of the region.Every land has its own history and legends. The land where the story teller’s grove situates has its slice of history too.A milestone in the history of Malayalam fiction dates back to Kesari Vengayil Kunhiraman Nayanar who spun stories here in this very place. Story teller’s grove invites you to experience luminous moments in communion with its nature and culture.

The landscape of North Malabar is inextricably connected to its cultural traditions. It is a land of forest grove’s that conserves traditions while it preserves nature. These sacred groves foster faith, values and legends as well as forming the physical arenas for such activities. The innumerable stories performed in these natural places make for exciting spectacles that give unique character to the area.The areas diverse musical traditions, martial arts and performing art traditions are organically connected to the lush splendidness of North Malabar. We are keen on showcasing the art & culture of north Malabar for you at your request.